Egypt is filled with historical cities, historical buildings, and wonders of the world. Aswan is also a city in Egypt, famous for its historical values and antique buildings.


Aswan is  located in south ,upper , of Egypt that means you will have to go to the southern side of Egypt to reach this city. The city stood upon a peninsula on the right (east) bank of the Nile, immediately below (and north of) the first cataract of the flowing waters, which extend to it from Philae

Age and Area:

It is also very old city while the total area of Aswan is 194 m2 elevated while the total area is 62,726 km2.

Why Should I Visit Aswan?

There are many reasons, for which you should visit Aswan, including:


1. The stone quarries of ancientEgypt located here were celebrated for their stone, and especially for the granitic rock.


2. Relaxing Stays:

Well, in all over Aswan, many beautiful meadows and cottages are built to offer tourists with a relaxing experience. The whole city is not much populated and there is also not hustle and bustle of motors and vehicles. Also there are world’s best accommodations available throughout the city to make your trip overwhelming.

2. World’s Third Best Antiques Are Here:

- Although whole Egypt is filled with antique buildings and ancient entities but when it comes to Aswan, it has the world’s amazing water floating temple named       as Philae Temple. It is said that the temple was lost in water, because of the flood ,  and it wasn’t here in Aswan where it is now. It is third Best Antique of the    world. Whole temple is covered in beautiful white paint that looks so amazing during night.

- Unfinished oblesik which dates back to more than 2500 years ago , The unfinished obelisk is nearly one-third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk ever           erected.

4. The High Dam 

It was built 1960 AD , It protects Egypt from the flood of the nile River , which comes twice a year . Also it is used ad a main source of energy because of its huge generators .


5. Nubian Village of Aswan:

Last but not least, you will see the mixed breeds of African and Egyptian countries. These breeds are available in Nubian Village. The population is very friendly and creative. You will find many artistic pieces of decoration to bring back home with you. Also, this village is known for its sumptuous local food which you can enjoy on least rates.

If you want to have an economical trip, Aswan should be your next destination.


High dam
High dam
Unfinished obelisk
Unfinished obelisk
Philae temple
Philae temple