Edfu temple

The Edfu temple is an Egyptian temple situated in Upper Egypt on the bank of the Nile. The city was referred to in the Hellenistic time frame as Latin Apollonopolis Magna and Koine Greek, after the main god Horus.

This temple is a standout amongst the best-protected places of worship in Egypt. The temple was worked in the Ptolemaic Kingdom somewhere in the range of 237 and 57 BC. On its dividers, certain engravings provide essential data on language, religion and the myth amid the Hellenistic time frame in Egypt. Specifically, the Temple's engraved structure writings offer the detail of its development, and furthermore, save data about the legendary understanding of this and every other temple as the Island of Creation. There are likewise "vital scenes and engravings of the Sacred Drama which related the well-established clash between Seth and Horus.

Brief History

Edfu was one of a few temples that were built during the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Its size mirrors the overall success of the time. The present temple, which was started on 23 August 237 BC, at first comprised of a pillared corridor, two transverse lobbies, and a barque haven encompassed by chapels. The structure started during the reign of Ptolemy III Euergetes and finished under Ptolemy XII Auletes in 57 BC. It was based on the littler temple additionally devoted to Horus, even though the past structure was situated east-west as opposed to north-south as in the present site. A demolished arch lies just toward the east of the current temple; inscriptional proof has been found showing a structured program under the New Kingdom rulers Seti I, Ramesses I and Ramesses II.

Religious Significance

The Edfu temple is the biggest temple devoted to Hathor of Dendera and Horus. It was the focal point of some festivals related to Horus. Every year, Hathor moves south from her temple at Denderah to visit Horus at Edfu, and this occasion was denoting their sacred marriage.


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